Alabama Story

An Alabama Story that has national relevance. The 2015 play feels timely, resonating with this era’s racial tensions, the ‘she persisted’ meme and continuing controversy over the Old South’s legacy. The topicality of Alabama Story infuses a theatrical moment that feels spontaneous yet intriguingly layered.”

The Washington Post

Alabama Story is exuberant, hilarious and timely. A children’s picture book is at the heart of Kenneth Jones’ crowd-pleasing and imaginatively theatrical comedy-dramainspired by the real-life conflict between an enlightened librarian and a bigoted politician. At a time when intolerance is on the upswing and empathy is under siege, Alabama Story is just the play we need. Jones brings an exuberant witto this potentially preachy material.”

St. Louis Post Dispatch

“A real-life controversy about a children’s book from 1959 is the basis for a new play with freshly relevant themes.”

American Theatre

Alabama Story explores thorny racial issues with smarts and sensitivity.”

DC Metro Weekly

“The blending of real and fictional characters works well, and the play has unique resonance for today’s audiences. In the era of Fake News and unceasing attacks on journalism, ‘Alabama Story’ not only touches on themes of censorship, integration, politics, and romance but reminds us of the importance of facing the truth.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

Alabama Story artfully explores Southern attitudes when the civil rights movement is catching fire. Jones effectively unites the political and personal.”

The Cape Cod Times

“The playwright evokes the Deep South of 1959 with spot-on dialog and dialect. Jones has a keen ear for cultivated Southern patois. His Senator Higgins sounds like a person, not Foghorn Leghorn. That’s always an accomplishment, especially for a playwright based in New York City. You’ll want to get to know Jones’ characters.”

Sarasota Observer

Alabama Story marks an impressive debut. Its ability to dramatically merge history and personal stories promises it a life far beyond this production. Kenneth Jones’ cleverly crafted play making its world premiere ends as it begins with the characters asking, ‘Tell me a story,’ and the unifying strand is the way stories — real and fictional — shape our lives.”

Salt Lake Tribune

“Each character in emerging playwright Kenneth Jones’ finely crafted new play leads to a rich theater experience that is being warmly received in its premiere staging.”

Deseret News